The powder solution is a surfactant blend. Surfactant is strictly a foaming agent you find in your shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste, and bubble bath. 

The solution doesn’t cause harm to eyes, skin or the environment. It is strictly a foaming agent.

The foam is not slippery itself but could be slippery and different surfaces.

Shipping is Free for Foam Machine and Foam Solution within Canada and the United States. For Inflatables please contact for a quote.

Shipping to addresses in the continental United States and Canada is typically takes 5-8 days. We ship by Canada Post, USPS and Fedex Ground.

Sorry at this time we do not sell colored solution as it tends to stain clothing

It is recommended for the grass or under a covered patio.

A foam pit isn’t necessary but people’s preferences vary.  Our customers set the machine up in open areas, on water slides, on tarps and under tents.

It takes less than 10 min to set up, and less than 10 min to breakdown.

When using 50 gallons of solution/water mixture and the submersible water pump, expect 45 if you run it continuously minutes. You can control the amount of foam by turning the machine off and on, thus you would get a longer duration then 45 mins. Add our remote option so you can control it from your patio.  When using the 5 gallons of solution/water mixture and the inline mixing device, expect 45 minutes.

Call the office at 780-271-8397.  

We will replace any malfunctioning parts or equipment as long as you purchase foam solutions from Foam Party Supply.