Increase Your Profits by Adding Foam Machines


The Foam Party Business is bubbling with excitement and opportunity.

Foam Machines are a great addition to any existing party rental or bouncy castle business, which have a faster return then any other product on the rental market.

Your start up business can start with less then $1000.

Our machines are CSA/ETL approved and are really easy to set up and take down.

Our Business Model for Success


Foam Party Supply sells foam machines that are easy to deliver, set up and operate. No attendant is required to stay and operate. Our foam solution is easy to mix and safe. It takes about 10-15 mins to set up. The longest part of the delivery is filling the 50 gallon bucket with water, about 5-7 mins.

The majority of requests for foam party machines are for backyard birthdays and other small events. Our machine is still good for community events using a foam pit.

A foam machine typically rents for $250 and with a foam pit is $350. Prices varying depending on your market and competition. In our area we rent for 4 hours and we deliver and pick up. On a Saturday/Sunday you could deliver 3-5 machines before noon and then start picking up after 5 pm.

Other companies are promoting a foam canon that shoots the foam in the air. This really looks nice but it comes at a cost. Those machines cost 3-4 times more money and use 2-3 times more solution. In the end it costs more for you and your customers. Those types of machines require an attendant to stay and operate also costing you more money. These types of rentals including an attendant usually cost the renter $300 per hour minimum. Most renters only want it for one hour based on that cost. If you want a foam cannon we have those too.

In my opinion, having yourself or an employee deliver 3-5 dumper style foam machines is much more profitable then using a canon and having an attendant, after all most parties on weekends start at 12 or 1 pm and one person can only be at one place at a time. If you had 5 rentals on a Saturday for a canon and everyone wanted their party at 1 pm, you would need 5 operators.

If you are looking to profit from foam party machines, please contact us through this site or by phone 780-299-8397



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