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Unleash The Fun With Our Premium Foam Cannons

Enhance your event rental business with our top-tier Foam Cannons, designed to deliver unparalleled entertainment at any event. Perfect for party and event rental companies, our foam cannons are robust, reliable, and ready to create a spectacular atmosphere.

High-Quality and Durable: Each Foam Cannon is crafted with the needs of professional event organizers in mind. Built to endure the demands of frequent use, our cannons are made from premium materials that guarantee longevity and consistent performance. This makes them an excellent investment for rental companies seeking to provide exceptional experiences time and again.

Tailored for Event Success: Ideal for a range of events, from children’s parties to corporate gatherings, our foam cannons are a crowd-pleaser. They are simple to operate and can be set up quickly, ensuring that your team can deliver a smooth and engaging experience to clients without hassle. The cannons work by enveloping spaces in lush, hypoallergenic foam, creating a fun and safe environment for attendees of all ages.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: We prioritize safety and sustainability in our designs. The foam solution used in our cannons is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and safe for direct skin contact, making it perfect for public events and private parties alike. This commitment to quality and safety enhances your company’s reputation as a responsible and innovative rental provider.

Investing in our Foam Cannons not only expands your inventory but also sets your service apart in the competitive event rental market. Offer your clients the joy of a unique and memorable event feature—watch as your business grows with every successful foam party facilitated by your new, dynamic equipment.

Experience consistent and extended foam production with our Foam Party Supply machines. Utilizing a 50-gallon solution and water mixture powered by a submersible water pump, these machines deliver a robust 45 minutes of continuous foam output. To maximize the duration and manage the foam levels efficiently, the machine can be intermittently switched off and on, effectively prolonging the foam experience. Additionally, enhance your operational convenience with our optional remote control, allowing you to manage the machine from a distance—ideal for maintaining the party atmosphere seamlessly from your patio.

For events requiring a more compact setup, our machines equipped with a 5-gallon solution and an inline mixing device also guarantee 45 minutes of steady foam production.

You’ll absolutely appreciate the hassle-free nature of a foam party—there’s virtually no cleanup involved! Yes, you read that correctly. After the party winds down, you won’t need to worry about extensive cleaning efforts. The foam dissolves on its own, disappearing without a trace. This means you can focus more on enjoying the event and less on the aftermath, making it a worry-free option.

When considering where to position a foam cannon, the ideal locations include grassy areas, within a designated inflatable foam pit, or beneath a covered patio. These settings offer safe and suitable environments for the foam to disperse and be enjoyed. Setting up on grass helps to absorb the foam naturally as it dissipates, while a foam pit contains the froth for more controlled fun. A covered patio is perfect for those seeking to keep the party shaded or semi-indoors. Each location ensures that the foam party can be both exciting and well-managed.

Operating a foam machine for your party is surprisingly simple! These machines are designed with user convenience in mind to bring a foamy element to any event without any hassle. With straightforward controls and basic setup procedures, you can start the foam fun in just a few minutes, making it easy for anyone to manage, even if you’re a first-time user. 

Yes, the foam produced by foam machines is generally very safe. The solutions used to create the foam are specially formulated to be non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. This means they are gentle on the skin and safe for both children and adults, as well as environmentally friendly. These solutions typically do not cause irritation or harm, making them suitable for use in both public and private events. It’s always a good practice, however, to check the specific product details from the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your event’s needs and to confirm that it meets all safety standards.