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Foamo Foam Machine

Best Foamo Foam Machine

For birthdays, holidays, or any time your crew wants something fun and festive, FOAMO Foam Machines are the perfect solution * All you need is water:

The FOAMO Foam Machine brings the party home with everything you need for foamy fun. It is a perfect choice for birthday parties, holidays, and daily use. Adding nothing but water for mountains of foam in minutes, this method is quick to set up and easy to clean.

Whenever you want to enjoy a fun and different experience, the hypoallergenic FOAMO will really make your day what it should be. Among the many items included in the FOAMO Foam Machine are a foam solution, a blower, a hose, a foaming adaptor, a water pump, a stand, and a case/bucket. Children and adults alike will have a great time at a FOAMO Foam Party!

Working of Foama Foam Machine

What is the process? It’s very simple, Watson. A foam table is constructed, the blower and adapter are installed, the blower is connected to the pump, and the foam solution is added to the unit. This is followed by the turning on of the water. In the end, two hours of incomparable foaming magic came to an end.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started: the foam solution, blower, hose, foaming adaptor, water pump, stand, and storage container. (Each container will supply you with about two hours of fun, and each refill is $20.)

Assembly of a Foamo Foam Machine

It is very easy to set up-so easy that we jumped right into the foam after opening the box in less than 15 minutes (and yes, I timed myself). We think this design is brilliant since everything can be stored in a plastic storage tub, which also serves as a basin for holding soapy water when it is in use.

The tripod can be put together in seconds, the blower lock can be locked in place, the pump can be attached to the bottom of the storage bin, and the FOAMO solution can be poured in.

In spite of the fact that we are aware there will be a law of diminishing returns at play in the process, We can say that seeing the face of pure joy on the children’s faces as the foam begins to pour out of the machine is pretty gratifying.


FOAMO is a machine that costs $180 for the machine itself, and $20 for each .75-gallon refill bottle, so it’s not something you buy on a Tuesday purely out of whim. When compared to the cost of renting a foam machine for a party, which can range from $250 to $1,000, it is a far cheaper alternative.

We don’t know about the foam shooting, but you can be sure that this will supply enough foam to keep your pod entertained for the whole day. And given that a trampoline, Power Wheels car, and other backyard splurges can cost over a thousand dollars, this is nothing to laugh at.

We believe it was one bottle of the solution that lasted us a little over an hour, but I believe we could get far more usage out of it if we stopped the machine every 15 minutes or so and let the kids play with it until it deflated, allowing them to restart it again as soon as the foam becomes deflated.

According to FOAMO, a 5:1 ratio should be followed when mixing the water and the solution, but when we tried a seven or eight-to-one mix, we also had plenty of bubbles of high quality.

Foamo Foam Machine
Foamo Foam Machine

Pure Entertainment

Another win for this foamo foam machine? It isn’t exhausting, blowing bubbles non-stop to entertain the kids. As a matter of fact, you can sit back and enjoy a glass of rosé while watching them make foam snowmen and smash through bubble walls as they play.

You can easily become the center of attention if your family is planning a birthday party or Fourth of July cookout. You don’t need a bunch of other activities to keep everyone entertained.

Precautions of a Foamo Foam Machine

Well, one challenge with little kids and bubbles is keeping the suds out of their orbital cavities (and mouths, because kids seem to want to eat everything they can). Even though the solution is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, it is still very irritating to get it in your eyes.

If that happens, the company recommends that you rinse your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes with water. In the end, a quick rinse with water was all that was required, and as soon as the children were out of the foam they were running back to smash suds into their eyes all over again.

Furthermore, you can provide them with goggles to wear while they are splashing around in the water.

Using a water hose, everything was easily cleaned.

Foamo Foam Machine Tips 

  • Make sure the electrical plugs are located a safe distance away from the water and foam before you begin to play
  • In addition to being able to be placed on grass or concrete surfaces, the foam machine is recommended to be used on grass surfaces.
  •  This product is soapy, which means that it can cause certain surfaces to become slippery when used. Be careful when using this product on slippery surfaces. 
  • In order to obtain the most voluminous foam, it is recommended to use the foam machine in a smaller enclosed area
  •  The blower should be removed from the stand and moved around the play area by an adult in order to evenly spread the foam in larger areas.
  • To prevent the foam bubbles from getting sucked into the machine, you must always have an adult watching the machine while it is running. Always keep the machine away from the foam at all times and make sure that the foam does not rise above the stand.
  •   Avoid setting up the machine during windy or rainy weather conditions

Before Storing The Machine

The pump should be drained of any remaining foam before storage. Allow the machine to run to flush out any soapy foam from the pump after filling the bin one-quarter of the way with water. Start disassembling the foam machine after the machine has been filtered through water. 

Before storing the contents in the bin, make sure they have air dried thoroughly. 

1. Shut off the blower. Disconnect the pump and blower.

 2. Unplug the hose from both blowers. and pump. Once the pump is removed from the stand, remove the blower.

 3. Remove the mesh sock and let it air dry.

 4. Remove the adapter by twisting it off.

 5. Take the stand apart. 6. Place the contents in the bin. 

Problems You May Face

  1. The blower got clogged with foam.
  2. The foam does not grow 
  3. The foam is too wet.
  4. There is no water flowing from the pump or the flow is slow.
  5.  It’s making noises. 
  6. There is a problem with the pump. 
  7. The solution ran out.

Instructions For Blower Cleaning And Storage 

Do not submerge the blower in water. Before cleaning, unplug it. Cleaning is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth. There are no user serviceable parts on the blower and it does not require any lubrication. Avoid servicing it. The blower should be stored indoors in a dry place when not in use. Keep it upright on a stable surface when not in use. Place the cord beside the blower and loosely coil it. 

Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine

This child-friendly foam machine produces tons of foam in minutes, so you can cover backyards, pool sides, and other outdoor living spaces quickly and easily. With this item, you can choose whether you want to host your kids a foam-filled playground party, stage a battle in a sudsy battlefield for Fortnite, or simply fill your backyard with foam to cool off a bit between summer battles. This device costs far less than those foam cannons that are used in rave clubs to cover their floors with foam.

What a FOAMO Foam Machine consists 

With the Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine you get both a foam machine mounted on a table stand and a large plastic tub that you can fill with a mixture of water and foam solution. You’ll need two power outlets to plug this thing in because it has two electrical parts, including a blower built into the foam machine and a pump that’s inserted inside the tub. If you have outlets (or power strips) nearby, make sure they are not in the way of the foam That water contains water that could affect the electrical operation, so you probably don’t want to get those bubbles on there.

Simply attach the included tube to the pump inside the tub and place the machine on top. When ready to use, simply assemble the stand and place the machine on it. After mixing the foam solution with water (1 part solution, 5 parts water), plugging in the electrical components (blower and pump), and pressing the blower button, the entire process begins. It should take no more than 10 minutes for the entire setup, according to the outfit.

With the Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine, there is a foam shield that, when inserted behind the blower, should prevent foam from flowing in areas of the home you don’t want it to. You’ll need to add solution mixes over and over for a long party because one bottle of foam solution will only last for an hour if it produces foam continuously. In order to save on foam solution, the outfit recommends turning off the machine once you have enough foam produced. You can turn it back on only if you need an extra boost.

It is claimed that the solution included with the machine is safe, non-toxic, and leaves very little residue, making clean up after a party easy. Here’s the catch. It costs around $20 a bottle to refill the solution, so it isn’t very cost-effective. The good news is that this is just a regular foam machine, which means you can use any cheap shampoo or soap.

How long does FOAMO last?

For birthdays, holidays, or everyday play, the FOAMO Foam Machine brings the party home. Our refillable liquid keeps foamy fun going for hours! Approximately two hours of foam per bottle.

What is a foaming machine?

The non-toxic foam solution forms stacks of foam that leave little to no residue behind and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It’s great for birthday parties, holidays, and every day play.

How long does FOAMO last?

It is perfect for birthday parties, holidays, or everyday use, and includes everything your crew needs for foamy fun. It keeps on giving with a custom foamy liquid refill! One bottle will provide about two hours of foam.

What is a foaming machine?

The non-toxic foam solution forms stacks of foam that leave little to no residue behind and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It’s great for birthday parties, holidays, and every day play.

How do you clean up FOAMO?

Ten minutes. FOAMO starts making foam after you assemble the stand and connect the hose. SAFE AND FUN – Hypoallergenic foam solution.

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