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Best Backyard Foam Party

Here is the detailed Step-by-Step guide on Backyard Foam Party Which includes How to host a backyard foamparty, SafetyTips, Accessories and FAQ’s

Renting a public venue for your party will always cost you a considerable amount of money. However, what if you could host the backyard foam party of your dreams without spending so much money like hiring a company?

It is always possible to achieve something like that, my friend. The post you are going to read is going to teach you how to do that.

Maybe you’ve been to one of these sudsy, fun events. It’s a great experience that’s remembered long after the event has ended. As a result, you now want to have the same unique and exciting foam party experience in your backyard with your kids, family, and friends.

No matter what venue you choose, here are some tips for throwing the perfect foam party. Prior to getting into the details, below is a list of the most common events that often warrant having a foam party.

The Best Time To Host A Backyard Foam Party

  • Commencement of school
  • Activities for church groups
  • Taking part in family festivals
  • The school’s events
  • Camps during the summer
  • Partying on Halloween
  • Observing corporate anniversaries
  • Anniversary celebrations

In terms of hosting memorable foam parties, these and other similar events are suitable, depending on your preferences. In this section, we will discuss ways you can accomplish this without spending too much money.

How To Host A Foam Party In Your Backyard

The first thing to decide is where to have your foam party. You’ve probably decided to do this in your backyard, however.

In addition to saving money on rental fees, your backyard might be easier to clean than someone else’s. In other words, if you want to use professional foam party organizers in your local area, you are likely to get cheaper service quotes.

Having decided where to hold your backyard foam party, let’s look at other requirements.

Party Foam Machine 

You can use this machine to spray clean, colorful foam onto your provided area. To hold the main event, you’ll need to have a space in your backyard that’s around 20 X 20 feet. The number of expected guests should be considered when measuring the space, even though there is no standard measurement that must be used.

You will be able to find a wide variety of affordable rental options when you are looking for the best foam party machine in Los Angeles.

Sources of Water

For your party to be fun and enjoyable, you need a sufficient amount of water in order to create the type of harmless and refreshing foam. In order to meet this requirement, the water source should be situated as close as possible to the backyard area that has been provided to you. There may be instances when you will need to use a water hose or connecting cord in the event that this is not the case. As part of this process, you need to provide a sizable bucket to work with the machine and water that it requires.

Solution for Foaming Machines

It is available in powder form, liquid form, or gel form. It is exactly that which will lead to the production of clean, colorful foam when the water is added to it. It must be stated, however, that using this foam specially-made foam machine solution will not lead to any sticky mess on your skin or backyard, contrary to what you might be thinking. That’s the same reason why it’s easier to clean your space after an event than before.

Plug-in Electrical Outlet

Irrespective of whether you rented a machine or made your own, you will need to have an electrical outlet for it to be powered. The electrical outlet needs to be located somewhat near the backyard space provided for your foam party, just as the water source needs to be close to the backyard space provided.

You will probably need a compatible connecting cord if it is not very close.

An audio speaker  

Your backyard foam party won’t be complete without music. In order for this to happen, you must purchase a sound system. As a matter of fact, a sound system is something you probably already possess. If you don’t happen to have a suitable speaker at home, you can always consider renting one.

Foam Party Machine Operator 

On the day of your event, who will be operating the machine?

This is the big question. You may be able to handle everything during and after the event, depending on the nature of the event.

Having a dedicated machine operator, however, allows you to fully enjoy the event. Having these things ready is what will allow you to make the most of your event. There is another thing that needs to be done, which is to find appropriate and changeable clothes to wear when the fun begins.

Choosing Between a Do-It-Yourself Option and a Professional Service

After you have clarified the requirements, you need to decide whether you want to participate in everything to save money or hire a professional foam party company to assist. You will usually be able to handle everything else easily when you find an affordable foam party machine rental.

You should, however, consider both the task of cleaning the space as well as the enjoyment of your day. You might not want to get involved too much with the event organizer when you are hosting a foam party, for example.

BAckyard foam party 1
Backyard foam party

Here are Some Safety Tips

A foam party is a great way to spice things up and create a memorable event for anyone involved, regardless of whether you are throwing a birthday party for your 8-year-old or throwing a graduation bash for your fellow college students.

For those who are new to foam parties, and even to party planning in general, it can seem a bit daunting at first. Fortunately, with the right team and a good plan, it does not have to be complicated.

Let’s start by looking at what a foam party is. The components of a foam party are similar to those of a regular party; music, drinks, dancing, and possibly even games. The only difference between a foam party and a regular party is that the dance floor and other surfaces will be covered with soapy bubbles, which gets everyone into party mode very quickly.

Here are some  tips and things to keep in mind when thinking about your first foam party:

The Soap

Most foam parties use dish soap because it tends to foam up quite well. Plain dish soap, however, may cause irritations and rashes in those with sensitive skin.

Use a mild shower soap or bath foam that is made for use on the skin and won’t irritate the skin.

Wear Shoes When You Host Guests

The first thing that people might think of when attending a foam party is to wear flip-flops or even barefoot, but this is not the best choice for wet and slippery conditions. In addition to this, flip flops are likely to get lost in the foam. Another problem, however, is that the foam will probably cover people’s feet, which means that the likelihood of feet getting trodden on is quite high.

Don’t let People Slide or Skid

Despite the temptation to skid or slide on the slippery floor, this can lead to collisions and neck or back injuries.

Put some rules in place to prevent people from getting too wild and purposely skidding on the floor or doing other stunts.

Serve Food on Plastic Plates and Cups

Foam parties are generally a bit rowdier than regular parties, so it’s not a good idea to use glass cups or plates that can shatter and leave sharp pieces on the floor. In addition to covering the evidence of a broken glass, the foam can also cause others to cut their feet or ankles.

Backyard Foam Party Cost

If you want to rent foam party equipment, the cost may vary, but you can expect to pay between $275 and $700 per hour by hiring a professional foam party company.  

Depending on what the service includes, the cost of the service can vary. We cannot speak for other companies, however we can speak for our own foam party rental services. In the following, you will find what we charge for a foam party and what is included in all of our events!

Our foam parties start at $295 for an hour at Kidtastic Bubbles.

We offer a 1-hour foam party that includes:

  • Foam fun for 60 minutes! 
  • Create a pile of eye-catching foam in seconds with our professional-grade foam cannon.
  • Foam operators are responsible for setting up, taking down, and operating the foam cannon throughout the hour to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • In order to get the foam dance party started, we bring our speaker and play some energizing, family-friendly music!
  • Every event includes beach balls that your guests can keep
  • During our visit to Orange County, CA, as well as its surrounding cities, we will visit your location. 

We do not charge travel fees within our service area, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, so you don’t pay anything if you aren’t happy with your event. No dissatisfied customer has ever come to us, and we will make sure that you are not the first!

For only $100 more, our company can extend your foam party by another hour, resulting in a 2-hour foam party for only $395!

For a Foam Birthday Party, What Do I Need?

This is the most common question that people ask when they are considering hosting this type of event for the first time. Here’s what you’ll need.

Backyard Foam Party Accessories

Machine for foaming 

The very first thing you’ll need for a foam party on your birthday is this. However, before you can plan the event, you have to decide if you want to do everything yourself or if you want to hire experienced professionals to assist you. Whichever option you choose, consider the machine’s ability to fill up the space within a short period of time.

The foam machine operator will be able to supply you with everything you need, including foam party pits and foam gel

The solution, speakers, and accessories needed to host the event.

Water Source 

A sufficient amount of water is needed to create a sufficient amount of foam to fill up the space provided. With the submersible pump on the machine, water will be sucked into the machine, and when the submersible pump starts pumping water, the machine will start producing and spraying foam to get things started. Your birthday event can be adorned with different colored glowing foam depending on the type of machine you have. In addition to that, a foam party pit with LED light can help add a mesmerizing and memorable glow to your foam birthday party in Los Angeles.

An electric outlet

In order for the foam party machine to work, you will need an electrical outlet for it to be able to be powered. You should locate this power source very close to the space which will be used for your birthday party. Assuming the power source is not close enough, an extension cord can be used to connect the machine to the power source without causing any trouble.

Listen to the sound 

Having colorful foam on your party day wouldn’t be enough without music to get the party started. That’s why you’ll also need a sound system. One of the main things that professional foam party organizers will bring to your event venue is a speaker.


Foam parties with the mess?

There is nothing more fun than playing, dancing, and partying in a big pool of bubbly suds at a foam party, which is exactly what it sounds like. This foam doesn’t have the sticky, wet consistency of bubbles; instead, it offers all the fluffy foam without the mess

Do foam parties have a slippery surface?

Children should be advised that party foam sprayed on a dance floor creates a very slippery surface, and the potential for accidents may be imperceptible to others when several feet of the foam covers the floor.

Would you be able to host a foam party inside?

Here. Since cold weather and wet conditions don’t mix well, it might be a good idea to book your foam party at an indoor venue depending on the time of year. Talk with the venue’s owner about your plans for a foam party and inquire about the dance floor’s water resistance.

What is better, foaming dish soap or liquid dish soap?

The research team says foam soap may be less effective than liquid soap because it is applied from a pump as a lather, whereas liquid soap lather is created by hand washing over time. In addition, the amount of soap in foam is considerably less in a single pump compared to liquid

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