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Little tikes foam machine

Best little tikes foam machine

It’s time to bring the party home with the Little Tikes Foam Machine. With everything your crew needs for foamy fun, it’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, or everyday playtime.

Foam solution and water can be filled into the large plastic tub that comes with the Foam Machine by Little Tikes. You will need to plug in the foam machine and the pump inside the tub to use it, as there are two electrical parts. Don’t let those bubbles affect the electrical system by keeping outlets (or power strips) out of the way of the foam.

After you assemble the stand and place the machine on top, you attach the machine to the pump inside the tub using the included tube. After mixing foam solution and water (2 parts solution, 6 parts water), plugging in both electrical components (blower and pump), and pressing a button, the device begins to work. According to the outfit, the entire setup should take about ten minutes

When the Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine is inserted behind the blower, it has a foam shield that should keep all-foam flowing in the opposite direction, so you don’t get foam in parts of the house you don’t want it.

You will need to add solution mixes over and over for a long party because a bottle of foam solution can only last for about an hour or less if you are continuously producing foam. Thus, the outfit recommends turning off the machine as soon as enough foam has been produced, then turning it back on only when you need an extra boost in order to save foam solution.

This outfit claims that the solution included with the machine is safe and non-toxic and leaves very little residue, making it easy to clean up after a party. The only catch? The solution costs around $20 a bottle, so it’s not very economical. You can probably use any cheap shampoo or soap with this machine since it’s a regular foaming machine.

Little tikes foam machine
Little tikes foam machine

Little Tikes Foam Machine Fun Zone

Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or to play every day, the Little Tikes Foam Machine brings the party home. The FOAMO goes beyond the ordinary bubble-blowing toy! It only takes a few minutes to get mountains of foam with a quick setup and easy clean-up.

The hypoallergenic FOAMO makes any day extra special when you’re looking for something fun and different. Foam Solution, Blower, Hose, Foaming Adaptor, Water Pump, Stand, and a Case/Bucket are all included with the FOAMO Foam Machine. FOAMO Foam Parties are fun for kids and adults alike

Toys from Little Tikes have been encouraging kids to have endless fun and free play for over 50 years. Use them outdoors, indoors, for sports, and more. You can give the gift of play to your favorite boys and girls from toddlers to preschoolers and elementary school children for birthday presents, holiday presents, and special occasions.

From MGA Entertainment, the creator of the beloved fashion, collectibles, girls, and baby doll lines LOL Surprise, Rainbow High, Na Na Na Surprise, Bratz, MGA’s Dream Ella, MGA’s Glitter Babyz, Lalaloopsy, Poopsie Surprise, and Baby Born Surprise, as well as Little Tikes and many other popular lines.

  • PERFECT FOR EVERY OCCASION – FOAMO Foam Machines are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or whenever your group is ready for something fun and festive
  • WITH ONLY WATER– you’ll have foamy fun within minutes! Contains: Foam Solution, Blower, Hose, Foaming Adaptor, Water Pump, Stand, and Storage Bin/Bucket
  • A WHEEL OF FUN AGAIN! Now you can replenish your FOAMO solution at any time! Approximately two hours of foamy fun per bottle
  • TEN MINS. FOAMO can make foam in minutes after you connect the hose and assemble the stand. 
  • CLEAN-UP IS EASY – The foam solution is safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean up with a damp cloth
  • A SAFE AND FUN SOLUTION – Foam solution is hypoallergenic

Little Tikes Foam Machine Easy Zone

Playhouses by Little Tikes

Designed and built to look just like the real thing, Little Tikes playhouses are sure to provide hours of fun for your child.  delight your child. Pull up a seat and grab a bite at this ultra-modern gourmet-style kitchen playset that ia complete with a separate cooking area. With authentic touches like these, your child will feel like they have a place of their own!


Check out o These outdoor playsets provide active play, with swings, slides, and other exhilarating slides, and other fun features. Durable construction and added safety feature ent also safe, long-lasting play

Toys other than Little Tikes

You can start your search for other Little Tikes toys to complete your child’s collection once you have a super cool playhouse or climber! Playtime has always been anchored by mainstays like Little Tikes Cozy Coupes or basketball hoops, which have been around for decades.

Other imaginative Little Tikes playsets that will allow your child to use their imagination include pretend kitchen sets, pretend tool and workshop sets, pretend grocery store checkouts, and more! They can use these sets to create fun scenarios to share with their friends – allowing their imaginations to run wild.

This isn’t the end of the fun. With an interactive activity garden, your child will enjoy playing with the bead tumbler, spinning gears, clicking bugs, and more. Your little one will probably want to relax after playtime is over. With Little Tikes picnic tables and wagons, they can kick back and relax for a while before getting back to the playsets and toys they love.

Little Tikes Foam Machine Reviews

Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine is an Easy-to-Assemble Foam Making Toy

THIS IS ESSENTIAL FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR KIDS. Let the kids run wild while you drink some mommy juice! There are so many bubbles, and they are so easy to clean. Everything fits back into the original plastic container it came in. I can’t recommend it enough, just get it you won’t regret it!

Make a mess without cleaning it up! Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine is perfect for creating and playing with foam. The Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine is an Easy-to-Assemble Foam Making Toy Perfect for Parties, Birthdays, or Any Day You Want an Awesome Foam Party.

It produces foam in a variety of different colors! You simply need to fill the container with water and add one tablespoon of detergent to make a beautiful balloon filled with colorful foam. Let the Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine handle the rest! For an insanely beautiful finish, you can add a Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine sticker sheet. If you have a child’s playroom or a dining room, the Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine will look beautiful. Toys like the Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine are must-haves for children.


  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION – The FOAMO Foam Machine is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion when you and your crew want to do something fun and festive
  • WITH JUST a FEW MINUTES of WASHING DOWN, you’ll have all the foamy fun you need! Foam Solution, Blower, Hose, Foaming Adaptor, Water Pump, Stand, and Storage Bin/Bucket are included.
  • REFILLS of FOAMO solution are available so that you can keep playing anytime! Approximately two hours of foamy fun are provided by each refill bottle.
  • 10 MINUTES. Assemble the stand, attach the hose, and FOAMO can begin making foam in minutes.
  • QUICK CLEAN UP – The foam solution is safe, non-toxic, leaves little to no residue, is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and can be disposed of quickly after use
  • HEALTHY AND FUN – We use hypoallergenic foam solutions.


Provides entertainment for people of all ages, and is easy to set up

Slip and slide for adults that is easy to use


It’s worth the money

Simple to assemble


Bubbles bit hit the fan

Key points

BrandLittle Tikes
Item Dimensions LxWxH

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